Chick & Bird Pricing

Elkhorn Farms & Hatchery, Inc. Pheasant 2023 Prices for orders placed TBD

Price per each

50/50 Roosters** Hens**
Picked up
Lots under 125
Shipped day- old pheasants   
1-7 boxes (x 125 chicks)
Lots of 1000+ (125/box)
Lots of 5000+ (125/box)
Lots of 10,000 (125/box)  
Lots of 20,000
Express Mail B-Label CHICK SHIPPING**
# of Boxes Shipping weight
125 chicks (minimum) (1) 9# One bundle
250 chicks (2) 17#
375 (3) 25#
500 (4) 2 @ 17# Two bundles
625 (5) 17#; 25#
750 (6)  2@ 25#
875 (7) 2@17#; 25# Three bundles
1000 (8) 2@ 25# ; 17#
 SHIPPING: Unfortunately, we cannot control postage costs and can only try to see you get the best handling we can arrange. We will do our best to see you get the best rates. Rates for Express and Priority mail now depend on weight, dimension and zone. We will calculate your actual costs using the website Express Mail or Priority mail calculator. We will then indicate these costs on your invoice. Each chick box measures 24”x 7”x 19” .
Additionally, the USPS covers only $100 of insurance on each bundle sent Priority Mail Express, $50 of Priority. If we are shipping a two- or three-box bundle of  day-old chicks, especially rooster chicks, the value will exceed that, and we recommend additional insurance on your shipment. Priority Mail insurance costs may vary. Please advise us on your particular order. Failure to request additional insurance will absolve Elkhorn Farms of additional liability.** Insurance for Express Mail per package- 1st $100 is included by USPS. Additional insurance available. Call is, or check with

We have and continue to establish truck shipments to central areas in the North ( Michigan), South (Mississippi,/Alabama; North Carolina/ Georgia,) East (New York/ Pennsylvania/ New Jersey) and West (Indiana/Illinois) . We will designate weeks for those shipments based on need and availability. Contact us if this would be of interest to you so we can help decrease shipment costs and increase livability of your chicks.  If you travel a considerable distance to pick up your chicks at our farm, we will reserve a free room in our Guest House for you on request.

Yours for better hunting,

Peg and Sam Ballou,
Ruth Malpas,
Samuel Ballou,
and the Elkhorn staff

Payment   – When those OTHER folks order and do not pay, we get stuck with the bill. We must absolutely insist on payment in full two weeks before shipping, or upon pickup here at the farm. We don’t take credit card payments for chicks, so plan to have your check to us two weeks before your shipment is scheduled to be shipped. Otherwise, we expect payment on pickup or delivery unless arrangements are made in advance of the pickup or delivery.
Truck delivery of adult/partially adult birds can be arranged within a reasonable distance (750 miles or so…) of Elkhorn Farms at around $1 per mile round trip. Call for an estimate.
Due to fluctuating feed and fuel prices, prices are subject to change WITHOUT notice.
Preorder Price per each before October 15
50/50 Roosters** Hens**
6-week old
8-week old
12-week old
*Add $.035 per bird per day from November 1st on.

Adult Chukar Partridge ~
Add $.015 per bird per day after November 1st.

Due to volatile pricing factors call for pricing

Limited quantities of pheasant eggs available at times throughout the laying season.  Call for availability and pricing.

*Shipping Additional * (The actual price depends on zone and weight. )

Prices indicated are for birds PREORDERED by May 15th.  Pheasant and chukar prices are set on a base quantity of 50 birds picked up at Elkhorn Farms. Surcharges are added to smaller quantities. Add $1 for quantities less than 50; add $2 for quantities less than 10.

We will no longer be allowing boxes from other areas on our premises due to new bio-security practices. Call to discuss options for your order.

The purchaser is expected to provide an appropriate notice of pick up time before arriving at the farm.  Once the birds leave our farm, we are not liable for their health.

*** Prices are subject to change due to feed prices and fuel costs ***