NAGA Code of Ethics





As a Member of the North American Gamebird Association (NAGA) and a supporter of the North American Gamebird Foundation (NAGF), I fully recognize my obligations to insure a continuation of sound and healthy populations of renewable game birds, to maintain appropriate wildlife habitat, to undertake responsible and professional game bird breeding, and to insure safe and secure hunting operations for the benefit of humans, dogs and game birds, and pledge:

*that I will strive to develop an improved and expanded game bird breeding and hunting industry for the benefit of its users and the general public.

*that I will endeavor to protect the purchaser and consumer of game birds and the hunter so as to deserve patronage through:

  • fair and honest dealing and fair trade practices;
  • accurate and truthful advertising;
  • sale of sound and healthy birds and eggs;
  • courteous attention, cooperation and prompt service;
  • strict compliance to all promises and representations and\
  • sale of high quality game birds in compliance with all local, state and federal laws and regulations

*that I believe that the proper performance of game bird breeding operations will insure disease free, stable and sound populations of game birds.

*that I will endeavor to adopt bird-breeding techniques that provide an environment that is appropriate to their species and age, including correct heating, lighting, shelter and areas for comfortable resting to avoid unnecessary stress.

*that as a game bird raiser or hunting operation, I must provide available and ample amounts of cover, food and water at all times.

*that I will employ professionally recognized programs, techniques, and operations for the raising, transporting, processing and harvesting of game birds.

*that I recognize that game birds must be transported in containers that are safe, secure, clean and well ventilated and that time in transit should be kept to a minimum while complying with relevant laws and regulations.

*that I will comply with all applicable game laws and accept my obligation to provide all possible assistance to all law enforcement officers.

*that I will provide leadership in preventing poaching and employ only legal and humane methods in preventing and controlling predation on game birds.

*that in providing legal game bird hunting that permits opportunities for expanded game birds bag limits, I will endeavor to ensure that all birds harvested shall be marked and retrieved and shall be made available for human consumption including donations to programs for the needy.

*that I recognize that to assure a prosperous future for the game bird breeding, meat production, and hunting industries, that the general public, particularly young men and women, must be educated on the material benefits derived from these activities for wildlife and conservation of renewable resources.

*that I will encourage improvement of hunting and shooting skills and will endeavor to ensure that birds are presented within the capability of the hunter to insure humane and safe harvesting of game birds as well as safety in the field and shooting courses.

*that I will lead by example in providing hunting opportunities that represent positive conservation of renewable wildlife and ecosystems and foster honorable and ethical hunting in the field with emphasis on sportsmanship, fair chase and responsible hunting practices.

This Code of Ethics represents the commitment of the members and supporters of the North American Gamebird Association (NAGA) and the North American Gamebird Foundation (NAGF)

Revised March, 2014